Social Media Integration

We Integrate your Social Media Pages to your Website

Fully integrate your social Media Accounts into your weBsite

Our comprehensive Social Media Integration strategy transforms your social media accounts into extensions of your website you can effectively and seamlessly leverage the power of social media to effortlessly reach your target customers/audience, drive Social Media visitors to your website and transform visitors to customers.

We Create

We create and manage your website, social media accounts and engaging Content

We Integrate

We connect your social media accounts to your website and manage content across the platforms

We Analyse

We monitor and analyse your website and social media performance and provide feedback

Benefits Of Integrating Social Media On Website

Stra-target social media integration Service 1
  • Reach wider potential customers with extended exposure on multiple platforms. 
  • Increase your customer conversions and sales margins
  • Redirect Potential Customers to your website.
  • Amplify your website’s interaction and engagement capabilities.
  • Gain insights into potential customers’ social behavior.
  • Channelize traffic by integrating Social Media on the website and vice-versa. 
  • Enhance your website vibrancy through creative visual social content.
  • Build brand image & reputation through communications.
  • Build social proof by promoting User-generated content from social media.
  • Deliver a unique and superlative consumer experience.

Online Engagement Performance

Dynamyc & Responsive Website 35%
Website + Full Social Media Integration 65%
Website + Social media Integration + Engaging Content 95%